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We are committed to empowering the under-served population of Latin America with the knowledge and skills to participate in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology

Adoption Through Education

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We recognize that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries and that Latin America is an under-served population with a great deal of potential for growth. By providing blockchain education to individuals and businesses in this region, we believe that we can help create a more equitable and sustainable future.

The best education starts with well-trained educators. We aim to increase adoption via education in Latam by providing resources and grants to educators who have the calling to teach and can share their blockchain knowledge with others. Our goal is to create a network of capable educators, creating a ripple effect that will enable Latin American communities to participate in the decentralized economy.


Our non-profit organization has a sustainable plan to use donations and take 100% profits to support our primary mission. 

We will stake in top blockchain networks to earn rewards that will enable us to provide more support to educators over time. All proceeds above node costs will be reinvested in staking or donated to support our mission. We believe this approach aligns with our values of transparency and responsible stewardship, and we will keep our supporters informed about the progress and impact of our staking activities.



We partner with organizations passionate about blockchain education and the evolution of Latin America. Together, we make a positive impact in the community and provide valuable opportunities for our partners to increase their visibility within the blockchain community. Join us in creating lasting change, contact us to become a partner.

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